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We Know the Election Was Stolen, Now What?

At this point it's very difficult to deny that there was an absurd amount of fraudulent activity in the 2020 presidential election. In case you're still on the fence, let's look at some of the numbers:

  • President Trump would be the ONLY incumbent in United States history to lose re-election while his party GAINED seats in the House of Representatives.

  • Republicans gained seats in EVERY state legislature in the country and flipped New Hampshire.

  • President Trump would be the ONLY incumbent to lose re-election after receiving at least 75%of the primary vote (President Trump received 94% of the primary vote, 4th highest ever).

  • President Trump is 1 of only 5 incumbents since 1912 to receive 90% of the primary vote (all of them won).

  • President Trump set a record for the most primary votes ever received by an incumbent (18 million votes. Previous record held by Bill Clinton with 9 million).

  • Joe Biden won a record LOW percentage of counties in the United States (16.5%).

  • President Trump had the HIGHEST percentage of non-white votes of any Republican in history.

  • Over 450,000 ballots in battleground cities had votes for ONLY Biden (no down ballot votes, this is highly unusual).

  • On election night, President Trump was up by 293,000 votes in Michigan, 112,000 votes in Wisconsin, 356,000 votes in Georgia, and 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania. Then they were ordered to stop counting votes.

  • At 6:31am Michigan reported 147,224 votes (94% for Biden).

  • At 4:42am Wisconsin reported 143,279 votes (almost all of them for Biden).

  • If President Trump won 74 million votes and Joe Biden got 80 million votes that means there were 154 million votes cast. Which is strange because there are only 141 million living people registered to vote in America.

In addition to these statistical implausibilities, we've seen numerous videos of ballots for President Trump being ripped, ballots being scanned multiple times, and let's not forget the infamous State Farm Arena video.

So now what? State legislators have turned a blind eye, most governors have been suspiciously silent, and the Supreme Court has run away from every case involving the matter. What do the law abiding American citizens do? We've basically been told that the leftists who want to overthrow our system and destroy everything America stands for can lie, cheat, and intimidate their way to an election win without very much pushback. I keep hearing people say the Republicans will take the house in 2022, and they're talking about what to do in 2024. What they seem to be overlooking is that if the left sees that they can get away with stealing a presidential election, what will stop them from doing it again? They will use this same strategy to steal senate seats, gubernatorial elections, and state legislatures.

You would think that Black Live Matter and Antifa would be happy that their guy "won" and they would subsequently chill out. That hasn’t been the case. That was never the plan. At no point did these radical groups ever consider to stop wreaking havoc on American cities. What they wanted was a weak leader who would enable their behavior. Joe Biden's "win" has done nothing but signal to them that they can now ramp up the lawlessness without fear of repercussion.

This has left those who love this country and what it stands for with very few options. We can no longer count on politicians or our justice system to uphold our constitution. Numerous mayors have told law enforcement to stand down, leaving their citizens vulnerable to anarchists. This year we saw a record number of gun sales. I would assume this was in response to the violence we've seen throughout the country by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

What do you think is going to happen when citizens with guns no longer trust the system to protect them?

J.C. Carter is a hip-hop artist and music producer. He is also the host of Upside Down Thinking. Follow J.C. on Parler and Spotify.

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