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The Most Effective Democracy

A lot of us are angry. Scratch that, we're pissed off. We just watched an election get stolen in the United States of America. This is the type of thing we hear about from people who have fled authoritarian governments. I can safely assume that no American thought they'd ever see this level of fraud going on in our country. I believe that if President Trump had lost this election fairly, his supporters would have gone on with their lives. However, we have watched videos, heard sworn testimony, and seen stacks of signed affidavits that would indicate that at the very least there needs to be a serious inquiry.

I think what's most frustrating is how complicit the media and the tech giants have been in not only covering up the fraud, but out right denying it even happened and snuffing out anyone who dares to speak on the subject. Last week YouTube deleted EVERY EPISODE of this podcast from my channel. To be clear, I saw this coming. YouTube announced that they would be removing any videos alleging voter fraud earlier this month. This isn't the first time one of these tech giants silenced someone for speaking out against the prescribed narrative. Remember Dr. Stella Immanuel?

So what do we do about it? Well, we could just continue to bitch and moan about it. Every time one of our posts gets removed because it "violates Instagram's community guidelines" we could do what we always do. Screenshot it, repost it, and complain in the caption (I too, am guilty of this). This method has worked so well that Instagram has changed its community guidelines to be even more restricting to those of us that have not completely sold out to the left.

I have said time and time again that we, the consumer, have more power than we choose to exercise. The free market is the purest democracy to ever exist. Unlike in elections, fair and legal elections that is, we can vote repeatedly in the free market system. Every time you choose to watch CNN or Fox News instead of Newsmax or One America News, you're voting in favor of the mainstream media. Every time you login to Twitter or Facebook instead of Parler or Gab, you’re voting in favor of big tech censorship. These companies have absolutely no incentive to change their tactics because they know we will come back. When do we say enough is enough and stop going back?

As someone who used Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to my merch store and Spotify profile, I understand why business owners and content creators don't want to jump ship, but no one is saying you have to drop every platform at once. I deleted my Twitter account at 22,000 followers, I deleted my Facebook page after spending years building it up to 40,000 followers, but I'm keeping my YouTube channel and my Instagram account for the time being. But in addition to the platforms that I'm still using, I'm trying to get people to migrate to platforms like Rumble and Parler where they won't be silenced anytime they speak out against the propaganda spewed by the mainstream media. I said this in an Instagram post earlier this year, platforms like DuckDuckGo, Gab, and Rumble, can never grow if we continue to ignore them and use Google, Facebook, and YouTube. We're all sitting around and waiting on the government to step in and protect us but in all honestly, we did this to ourselves and we have to get ourselves out of this mess.

I'm not asking anyone to delete their Facebook or Gmail account. I'm simply suggesting that we start to support the companies that embrace free speech. If you already use Facebook, give Gab or MeWe a try. If you're using Twitter, check out Parler. I would also strongly suggest you read #DELETED: Big Tech's Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election by Allum Bokhari.

J.C. Carter is a hip-hop artist and music producer. He is also the host of Upside Down Thinking. Follow J.C. on Parler and Spotify.

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